Charter a Jet

In the last decade, the number of people who prefer flying private has drastically increased. For those who have never chartered a private jet, the difference between flying private and flying on a commercial plane may not be immediately apparent. Yet, a single trip on a charter flight will make you want to never board commercial flights again.

Companies like FlightPath help entrepreneurs, business executives, celebrities and other people who prefer private jet travel to get the best deals in the industry.

If you have always longed for simplicity in travel, time saving, and more control of your travel schedule, you are the perfect candidate for private charter flights. To get you started, here are some things you should expect when you charter fly private.

Continue with your business deals as you fly

Private planes are designed to make travel an activity to look forward to. They have spacious cabins and comfortable seats that will inspire you to complete those business deals while up above the ground.

Those sometimes annoying conversations you find yourself participating in or listening to do not exist when you charter a plane. You will enjoy a serene environment with the privacy you need to strike some business deals. You will also have access to WiFi, fax and a satellite phone so that you can continue with your daily business activities unhindered.

In-flight catering and entertainment

Today’s charter flights now offer catering services on request. You can also ask that the bar be stocked well ahead of your trip. Whether you are a vegetarian or would want gourmet coffees, fruit juices and snacks, you can have everything arranged to make sure you eat to your full and drink your fill for the duration of the trip.

In addition, you can enjoy listening to music and watching movies. Charter planes have CD and DVD players as well as a library of some of the best movies across several genres. Through proper planning and communication, you could even have your favorite newspapers or freshly cut flowers prepared for you.

Routing and schedules

A major difference between commercial flights and chartering private jets is when you fly private the airline follows your schedule rather than you following the airline schedule. So, instead of arriving at the airport a number of hours before the time you are scheduled to board the plane, you can arrive a few minutes to the departure time.

If you get late, the private jet waits for you. You may be asked to pay extra for the delay, but you can rest easy knowing the jet will still be there when you arrive.

You also fly to the destination of your choosing instead of working around the destinations that your airline fly to. In addition, you can choose to fly to smaller airports that are likely to have little human traffic. Private jet travel makes it possible for you to take more direct flight paths than those commercial airlines can accommodate.

destination wedding ideas

The Caribbean is composed of hundreds of beautiful islands with clear blue waters and long stretches of clean white sandy beaches. It is no wonder that many couples want to have their dream weddings there. The great location lends itself to a lot of destination wedding ideas. If you are considering tying the knot in one of the sparkling Caribbean islands, you can use some help forming destination wedding ideas. Here are a few tips which will help you conceptualize, and plan your dream Caribbean wedding:

There are lots of islands and countries to choose from. Though all the islands sport beautiful beaches, there are small differences in their features, regulations and the available resorts and hotels. Thus the first thing you should do is to browse through many different islands and venues. Some websites like the Caribbean Tourism Organization have lots of useful information. Make a list of possible wedding venues which meet your general requirements. Consider your budget limitations, the theme you want for your wedding, and the availability of features of the destination wedding you want to have.

After that comes contacting the different venues on your list. At this time it might be a good idea to ask if you can have your desired dates blocked off, even temporarily while you and your partner decide. Compare prices, and what is included in each destination wedding package offered so you can choose the most appropriate one. Ask for any promotions and discounts available for the timeframe you have planned your dream wedding for. Once you have made up your mind on the venue, make sure you block off your wedding schedule permanently.

You would need to plan your dream wedding’s details. But often, you do not have to do this by yourself. Many hotels and resorts which accommodate weddings have wedding planners who can help with the details. First thing on the list are the legal and documentary requirements for your nuptials.

Next on the list is the schedule which needs to contain a lot of details which can only be worked out with the help of a local wedding planner. Availability of a minister or priest to officiate the wedding, ceremony time, pre-wedding cocktails, wedding registry, invitations, photos, videos, music, mementoes of the event, and details of the after wedding party, are but some of the things that require finalizing. It is a long list but there are usually destination wedding packages you can choose and start from and customize from there.

Make sure to arrange air transportation for you and the immediate family and to inform friends well in advance so they can make their own arrangements. You can choose to provide accommodations for your guests or inform them that they need to take care of that for themselves. Many resorts charge fees for guests attending the ceremony whether they are checked in or coming from outside; make sure you consider this addition to your expenses.

With a little bit of coordination your dream Caribbean wedding should go off without a hitch.

puerto escondido real estate5212014115044

There are a great number of vacation rentals available in Puerto Escondido.  These range from the basic units to seaside villas with amenities and service that rival those offered at 5-star hotels.  Most Puerto Escondido rentals are handled for their owners by professional property management companies.  There is a great variety in available sizes, locations, amenities, service and levels of luxury at Puerto Escondido vacation rentals that it is important to make sure you know what to look for.  Here are a few tips for finding the right vacation rental for you:


a)       Prohibitions:  Be mindful of prohibitions when choosing a unit to rent.  Some don’t allow smoking in the premises and not all are pet-friendly.  When you find pet-friendly rentals, make sure to ask if there is an extra charge for pets, and how much it is.  There are a few rentals who don’t allow groups with children – so if you’re bringing children read the fine print and ask.

b)       Size:  Finalize the size of your group as early as possible.  This would allow you to easily find suitable accommodations at the lowest cost.  Determine how many in your group can sleep in couches if necessary and how many need rooms.  With a bit of searching you can find a rental which can accommodate your entire group at per person per day rates much lower than what most hotels can offer.

c)       Amenities / Budget:  Make a list of the amenities that you want your vacation rental to have, then check rental rates of Puerto Escondido real estate that match.  Compare the rates with your budget; you may find a need to trim your list of amenities so you don’t blow your budget.  The good news is that whatever the size of your budget, there is likely a vacation rental available to match it.

d)       Property Managers:  Make sure that the property is managed by a reputable property management company.  This will likely ensure that it is properly maintained and serviced.  Search through the internet for comments positive and negative about the property and the management company.  Deal only with companies with the least negative comments.  Look for management companies registered with the Better Business Bureau whenever possible.

e)       24-hour Hotline:  Look for rentals which provide a 24-hour hotline for emergencies and to attend to maintenance needs.  A simple blocked toilet can be quite inconvenient at any time –fast response for maintenance calls is essential.

f)         Look for Promotions and Discounts.  At certain times of the year and sometimes for various reasons, property rental companies offer Puerto Escondido real estate properties at reduced prices.  Before you finalize your bookings, check around the internet for promotional offers.  It might even be advisable to book early in order to have a lot of time to look for discounted rates.

g)       If Possible Inspect the Property.  Pictures and glowing recommendations can be faked so whenever possible, inspect the property you wish to rent.  If it’s too far from where you live, ask a friend in the area to check for you.  Use social media connections if necessary.


With proper planning and a little foresight you can find the ideal vacation rental in Puerto Escondido for you and your group.

Caribbean Yacht Charters

The very word Caribbean brings before us a picturesque scene of clear blue water, warm tropical breezes, lush green island palms, white sand beaches. But before you set out for your holiday on luxury Caribbean yacht charters here are a few things that you should know about it.

A Caribbean yacht charter is a unique and personalized vacation you. If you hire a crewed boat then the professional crew members of your yacht will be your captain, chef, tour guide, watersports activities director, nature guide and more!

You have several options of hiring a yacht. You can go for a bareboat that will be manned by you. You can go for a skippered one as well that will have an expert on board to guide you. There are charters with various sizes of accommodations like one for honeymoon or anniversary for two. Or you can hire a bigger one that will accommodate 5 couples. You can also opt for a flotilla where a group of boats will sail together. Yachts can be classified in three broad categories: power yachts, sailing yachts, and multihull sailing yachts. There are also what we call the motor yachts that can bring anyone to a pleasurable trip to the Caribbean. Visiting the island destinations in the Caribbean is an experience that can be cherished for life. The best part of a charter yacht vacation is that the itinerary will be planned according to your convenience. You decide, of course taking in the captain’s advice as to where you to go each day. If you do not want to do any sailing, just relax let your Captain show you the islands.

caribbean charters


Travelling on sailing caribbean charters is an experience in itself. Tortola is one of the famous cruising destinations that you must visit on your bareboat. If you are an experienced sailor you will have a hard time finding any other place that will meet Tortola in terms of sailing experience. It is suitable for sailors of all levels to cruise around due to its warm trade winds, line-of-sight navigation and sheltered waters.

St Martin is another unmatched sailing destination with favorable winds and velvet blue waters. It provides short hops to the unchartered blue waters and also a series of secluded anchorages. The island is dotted with resorts serving exotic drinks and food that reflect the European influence on local delicacies. For sailors short in experience, Abacos is prefect with its warm and gentle winds.  It has beautiful coral reefs, isolated cays and long stretches of picturesque beaches that you can travel and enjoy in a family vacation. Antigua is another island famous for Race Week. It is a popular world-class racing event that is hosted here. The neighboring island of Barbuda is known for its flawless pink sandy beaches and wild birds. Belize has the world’s second largest barrier reef and diverse marine life.  Grenada and St. Lucia are also fabulous cruising destinations in the Caribbean. All the island destinations offer a sluggish life with palm-fringed bars, lively street jump-ups and sea-food festivals that are quite in character with your holidaying mood. You can participate in a variety of activities like snorkelling, kayaking and diving. So contact a provider of Caribbean charters to book for your vacation right away!